Original spares are the best way for protecting your can seamer and guaranteeing maximum profitability from your investment in terms of both output and useful life. By using JK SOMME original spare parts, you are maximising your machine’s service life.


​There is nothing like the original when it comes to JK SOMME spare and wear parts. Who else guarantees you highest quality, flawless function, tested safety and maximum reliability for a perfect result? Precisely: only the original, only from JK SOMME.
JK SOMME original parts: the guarantee of reliability and quality for your equipment.

By using JK SOMME original spare parts, you are maximising your machine’s service life. Only JK SOMME original parts can guarantee the quality and reliability of your equipment. Our spare parts are designed to withstand stringent operating constraints. Maintenance costs are optimised and the operations carried out by an extensive network of exclusive local dealers. Benefit from our express delivery service, whether you’re in Spain or else where.


JK SOMME is your competent partner when you need to procure spare parts for your tried-and-tested existing Somme can seamer.

If your can seamers have been in operation for a very long time, this is a clear indication of their outstanding quality and durability. At the same time machines which have reached a certain age also require especially thorough maintenance, frequently resulting in the need for one or more spare parts. This is where JK SOMME comes in.

We are the only supplier to provide original spare parts of proven quality and expertise. We supply original spare parts for existing Somme machines which have been produced by our predecessor company SOMME S.A.

We not only provide the spare parts themselves but also offer an all-round conversion service based on the original drawings and documentation.

Expertise: trust in the experience of our JK SOMME employees as they have been familiar with our predecessor machines for many years and in some cases have even helped build them.

Always bear the modernization of your lines in mind and benefit from original spare parts and service from a first-hand source. For further information please do not hesitate to contact JK SOMME – without obligation.


  • Greatest performance and dependability of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Maximum availability due to reduced plant down-time.
  • Quick supply via JK SOMME service network, deliverability even after 30 years.
  • Spare parts delivery for purchased parts no longer available in the market.
  • Superior quality, tested assurance with precise fit and functionality.
  • Trouble-free installation, long lifespan. which includes JK SOMME new part warranty.